sensory slime


Sensory slime always leads to a lot of fun and this glittery galactic version had an added bonus, a glimpse at the gorgeous universe. This project can be pretty messy and fussy to make so I suggest whipping it up when the kids are occupied with something else.

sensory slime

You will need:

  • Elmer’s School Glue (I used 2 bottles)
  • Stay Flo Liquid Starch
  • Liquid Water Color in Black, Purple, and Blue  (food coloring would probably work)
  • Lots and lots of fine glitter!

I made 5 colors/shades to get a really nice space mix so when it came to portioning my glue I just eyed it. About 1/3 of my glue went to purple, another 1/4 to black, a 1/4 to blue (2 shades), and the remaining to make a little white swirl!

To start you’ll portion your glue into the mixing bowl and add your coloring & glitter to achieve your desired shade. Mix thoroughly and measure 1/4 cup of your starch. Slowly mix in a little bit of starch until you get a nice big clump of goo.

At this point you will need to use your hand to mix in more starch. It’s going to look and feel pretty gross. Mine was stringy and I was wondering if I had somehow messed it all up. Trust me-keep going. The more you knead the slime the less stringy it will be. Continue adding starch until the slime isn’t sticking to your hands anymore. You may not need the whole portion of starch.

sensory slime

As the clump of slime sits it will start spreading out so don’t leave it too close to the edge of a counter or table. I learned that one the hard way, but it did lead to me figuring out the perfect way to get a nice mix of my colors. Step 1: Smush them all together in a ball. Step 2: Walk away for 10 minutes. Repeat step 1 and 2 as needed.



sensory slime



The toddler was interested for a few minutes but the 3-year-old was totally immersed for ages! The gooey, stretchy, glittery slime was an extraordinary sensory experience! The more we played our beautiful colors swirled into a nice deep purple.

Disclaimer: I highly suggest playing with this cosmic slime in an area with hard floors. Little guy managed to plop a big handful onto the nearby rug and I had to get out a scrub brush. It came up super easily but better to avoid the mess all together. Don’t forget to put on the smocks either-this goo will stick to your clothes too.

sensory slime


**A nanny friend of mine walked me through this recipe but I was later informed it’s a popular post on a really awesome blog. I’m not sure how I missed it but check out the original post on Two-daloo!**